a little introduction for you all out there on the net

So ladies and gentlemen here’s a little bit of information about me.  Real name is Blake Childers, and im 19, going to college in NC for an Associate in Arts (I hesitated on Visiting Day or whatever you call it and ended up putting Associate in Science instead so go figure.)  I have a girlfriend named Yukina, we have been together for about 2 or 3 months now, and I love her to death.  I am a Christian, proud to be one, however, I take what i learn about God not just on a spiritual level, but a moral and sociological level.  I’m very easygoing, and I love to play video games and watch anime.  Let’s see, what else to tell you about me.  Oh yes, more on the religion deal.  Although I have my own beliefs about certain things (just going to let you know right off im not racist or homophobe so don’t get those kinds of ideas)  I am open and willing to learn new things and cultures (my girlfriend’s Buddhist, so what does that say about me?)  and I am very open to any sort of discussion so feel free to email me at any time about things.  Just to let you know, I also leave NC every weekend and go home but im usually back on Monday, so ill get to you then.  Thank you all and hope you have fun reading my blogs.

Oh, feel free to give me pointers about my blogging (just don’t nit-pick)


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